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Arts & Entertainment shaholly2 - Behind the Scenes at a PhotoAbility Disability Inclusive Photoshoot in Hawaii!

Behind the Scenes at a PhotoAbility Disability Inclusive Photoshoot in Hawaii!

It is indeed a rare thing to see a model who does diversity in a way we may not be used to experiencing in the fashion and editorial genres. It is time, that “diversity” includes those who have varying physical differences…not only those of color, ethnicity and size. This shoot takes this concept on in such a palatably stunning and fresh way with photographer Anneli Nygards. The shoot was produced by the stock image site, to increase the number of these types of images available to the tourism industry, publications, and companies who wish to market to all.

Design & Access image of a man sitting on a wheelchair in black graduation gown and cap carrying a degree

Disabled Community and Entrepreneurs Unite!

We, as a community of people with disabilities, have a great deal power when we unify. If we all worked together to build the success of our community members, this success builds on itself, and the money and power that comes with it strengthens us all.
How can we begin to support this type of community empowerment, which has already been done successfully by groups such as the Gay Alliance, The Rainbow Coalition, the NAACP, and the Jewish Federation?

Health shadowed drawing of a woman with a spinal cord and it's labeling

Save your Spine! Two Woman Facing Surgery due to Damage post SCI

Please heed our warning and learn from our shared experience and monitor and do not create undue strain and disk degeneration or herniation on your cervical or lumbar spine. Take the best care of the body you have been given post injury and preserve your quality of life for as long as possible.

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