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Here it comes. . . and it’s alright

The performance of my arrangement of Here Comes the Sun continues my torrid output of creating and sharing one video per year. But this is by design. It allows just enough time for people to completely forget that I can play guitar, sing and (sometimes) write songs. Or maybe even play a kazoo. They are then astounded to discover that I possess any semblance of musical ability whatsoever.

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Dear Media: Please Stop Saying We Are “Bound to Wheelchairs”

So, to the media outlets who want to do a positive story about a person with a wheelchair, creating a remarkable new enterprise, or simply winning the Nobel prize, please remember to be BOUND by what is the morally and factually correct way to describe an entire group of individuals who are trying to overcome pity, fear, and discrimination. Continuing to use these type of words and descriptions are not helping.

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The Disability Film Challenge

The Disability Film Challenge is a 48 Hour short film competition that has been established in association with prestigious organizations such as the Media Access Awards and the HollyShorts Film Festival. It is a competition in which entrants are allotted two days to complete production of their entry into the competition.

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Behind the Scenes at a PhotoAbility Disability Inclusive Photoshoot in Hawaii!

It is indeed a rare thing to see a model who does diversity in a way we may not be used to experiencing in the fashion and editorial genres. It is time, that “diversity” includes those who have varying physical differences…not only those of color, ethnicity and size. This shoot takes this concept on in such a palatably stunning and fresh way with photographer Anneli Nygards. The shoot was produced by the stock image site, to increase the number of these types of images available to the tourism industry, publications, and companies who wish to market to all.

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