PUSHLiving Podcast 015 | Holistic Lifestyle for SCI with Kristina Rhoades


Our guest today is Kristina Rhoades, a beautiful young mother of a five-year-old daughter, Kamryn, and wife celebrating nine years with the dashingly handsome film industry professional/photographer Jacob.

She was a former National Sales Manager who has spent her life on wheels (paraplegia since she was 10 months old due to domestic violence) training, educating, coaching and doing what she cares about most: her life’s purpose “helping others” as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Kristina Rhoades FLower of Life Founder 300x200 - PUSHLiving Podcast 015 | Holistic Lifestyle for SCI with Kristina Rhoades

Today, Kristina joins us after choosing to take a leap of faith and make her one key focus…her life’s mission of helping others …a new business endeavor called The Flower of Life Retreat, located in New Mexico. This clarity of purpose weaves a fascinating story that we will share with you today.

Kristina Rhoades with husband Jacob and daughter  300x225 - PUSHLiving Podcast 015 | Holistic Lifestyle for SCI with Kristina Rhoades

As an interesting preview: it all started with a vivid dream.

You will learn so much from this podcast interview, so stick around and we promise you will not regret it. This podcast will also make you think about this question:

  • Do you have a dream, goal or purpose that is directing your everyday life?

This can be a hard question, as many who now find themselves living this life on wheels may feel their former selves’ dreams are no longer applicable to their new life.

It can be a struggle to re-find this inspiration inside of us, this fire that keeps us focused and looking forward…

I am hoping that hearing Kristina’s story and learning about her dream will show you how to listen to your own soul…and find your own path. If you are a fellow dream follower, you will find her story to be enriching and invigorating as well.

Energy is something we all give off and feel in each other… and you will enjoy the fabulous and clear energy that is Kristina Rhoades.

Preview of Discussion Points:

  • How did you become a Pushliving community member?
  • What are your secrets to a successful marriage?
  • How did you meet?
  • You have such a naturally positive and open energy. What do you attribute this to? And have you ever gone through periods of self-doubt, depression or anxiety? What did you do to overcome it?
  • What are some physical complications you have experienced, and do you have tips for our audience on how to prevent them and stay healthy?
  • How did you find the property for the Flower of Life Retreat?
  • Tell us about the business plan and what will be offered at the retreat for those with disabilities?

Show Notes/Links

Flower of Life: Twitter.com @ourfloweroflife

Jacob Rhoades LinkedIN Photography/Film Industry

Website : KristinaRhoades.com

For booking or investment inquiries: Flowerofliferetreat@gmail.com



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