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You have now discovered the Wheelchair Accessible Lifestyle Podcast from PUSHLiving.com: Where we are Pushing the Boundaries of Disability Inclusive Design, Travel and Lifestyle

We welcome you to share our Journey with our in-depth and personal insights into the most inspirational and informative guests from within the disability community and beyond.

We will give you the inside view of our guests personal and professional stories of triumph, courage, and clarity to show you that you are not alone and you too can find the knowledge and the way to a more focused and fulfilling life.

We will provide fascinating reviews of the best inclusive travel locations, as well as fabulous products and ideas that will make your life more functional, healthy and fun.

We will intrigue you, enlighten you, and encourage you to live your Best Life on Wheels. Whether you’re a Wheelchair entrepreneur, a stay at home Mom or Dad, or are newly disabled, we are here to share the advice and ideas that will help you learn, grow and push your own boundaries.

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