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Inspiration A women sitting on a chair smiling and getting a biofeedback

My Lifelong Science Experiment

I am often asked when did I get to where I am with respect to acceptance of the accident or how do I constantly manage to make light of challenging situations with dark humor even when things are constantly thrown my way as anyone who is disabled can relate to?

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The Kindness of Strangers

We have all been in the position where a kind word, a helpful gesture or a simple pleasantry can make all the difference in how we feel in the moment, or result in a memory that changes us for a lifetime.

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Becoming Invictus: Wounded Warrior Adaptive Sports Helped Overcome My Darkest Days

How is this possible? First none of this would be possible without my wife; she has been the rock and foundation in our relationship even through the toughest of times. Times that brought on the darkest of my days and made me question my purpose in life. Second, family that extends beyond the ties of blood; family that lifts you up when you are down, encourages you to push a little further or a little harder and dig a little deeper. Family that forces you to look in the mirror, face the truth, and seek the inner drive and passion once more.

PUSHLiving Woman seen bound by tape with words written on tape conveying negative stereotypes about disability

The “Paralyzed Bride” Speaks on Cure Research, Medical Equipment Funding, and Pain

When I sustained my spinal cord injury three years ago, I was nothing short of terrified. I wondered “will I ever walk again”? I did my physical therapy and got as strong as I could, but my life as I knew it was over. I so desperately wanted a cure, but I was given zero chance of ever walking again. I started my research, but amongst all of the information I could find, was a deep seeded debate on stem cell therapies.