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Health LizDunnIntroduction1 351x185 - Breakfast by Liz Dunn

Breakfast by Liz Dunn

Pushing Healthy with Liz Dunn, Graduate Student, Coordinated Master in Nutrition and Dietetics

Save Time and Stay on Track with These Three Quick Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is unofficially called the …

Health gallery Girl fall off wheelchair 351x185 - Wheelchair Falls Resulting in Concussions

Wheelchair Falls Resulting in Concussions

My articles are usually chats on becoming FIT AND FABULOUS but I wanted to expand on a question asked earlier and further discuss CONCUSSIONS and WHEELCHAIR FALLS.  Concussions in …

Health DSCN1054 350x185 - Cranberry Concentrate Consumption Craze

Cranberry Concentrate Consumption Craze

Shortly after my spinal cord injury accident, frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) occurred. I didn’t know why but two things were for sure: the symptoms related to a UTI were …

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