Camile Flosi Araujo


I still held great regard for labels and I was then the disabled girl — limited, incapable, weighed down by the “I can’t’s”. Still holding everything I had been close to my heart.
Here is the thing about life, though. Life’s most important moments take a long time to manifest themselves to us. These moments are there, waiting in the shadows until WE send off that signal, “hey, you know what? I’m ready for you. Come and reveal yourself.

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Camile Flosi Araujo

Camile is an essayist, screenwriter and fiction writer. She sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006. In 2010, Camile accepted the job of single-parenting her main source of inspiration — her daughter. She’s currently attending The University of Tampa, in pursuit of an MFA in Creative Writing.

Camile’s discovered writing to be the best antidote for her depression as well as her PTSD — lingering complications from the SCI. The fact that what she writes is entertaining to readers is just a consequence of doing what she loves most. Her writings can be found in five different countries and in several corners of the Internet.

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