Disabled Girls Can Be Sexy; Don’t Count Us Out of The Game


Disabled Girls Can Be Sexy

Through my experience as an able body woman and now living with a disability, I realized disabled girls could be sexy just like any other able-body girl. Sexiness comes in all different ways, shapes, forms and sizes.

CynthiaRamirezOnWheelchair 198x300 - Disabled Girls Can Be Sexy; Don’t Count Us Out of The GameThere are plenty of women, disabled women changing the game of what is considered sexy and beautiful. Years after becoming paralyzed I really understood what it meant to feel sexy completely. I learned that is not an image of physical perfection, or wearing the best clothes but more of a FEELING that transpires from within when you’re feeling beautiful, strong, empowered, and capable of pushing your own limits. Sexiness is an attitude, a mood. It’s an emotion when your mind, body, and soul align and you are feeling confident about yourself and what you can contribute to society and your relationships.

CynthiaQuote 300x220 - Disabled Girls Can Be Sexy; Don’t Count Us Out of The GameI have met many girls in wheelchairs, I included, who are dynamic and who are more than their chairs, more than their disability. Regardless, they are beautiful women with the same passions and desires as “normal” women. I learned we all want to feel beautiful, sexy. We want to find love and be loved. The ability to care and love for yourself and another should not be determined by a physically challenged body, but by your heart, passion for life and your will to love.

Sexiness is losing your wishbone, finding your backbone and going for what you want out life and your relationships. I understand that putting yourself out there be a little scary and takes a little courage.

CynthiaRamirez 200x300 - Disabled Girls Can Be Sexy; Don’t Count Us Out of The GameIf you’re feeling insecure about yourself, know that confidence takes time and is built upon, it does not grow over night so practice practice practice! As the late Carrie Fisher put it, “Stay afraid. But do it anyway. What’s important is the action.

You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it, and eventually, the confidence will follow, self-discovery” and it is completely true. Having a disability can bring an overload of insecurities physically and emotionally. The only way to get through them is to face those insecurities head on. Embrace your body, be comfortable in your own skin, and take your power back from your disability. That’s sexy. Finding my “Sexiness” in my di”S”ability has been self-discovery and getting reacquainted with my body. I discovered my capabilities, my strengths, and desires. The more I continue to challenge myself and conquer my insecurities, the more empowered and confident I become. I feel beautiful and secure about what I have to offer and that makes me feel sexy.

Don’t count us out of the game; we have the will, we have courage, we have the strength and a lot of heart. We bring so many other qualities to the table other than just physical. We are beautiful woman constantly overcoming challenges, and breaking down barriers. When a woman has the courage to confront the world, without losing herself, her sensuality, or her passions that are sexy!

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