Product Review: Glidewear Woman’s Skin Protection Shorts


Product Review: Glidewear Woman’s Skin Protection Shorts

I received and wore GlideWear Women’s Skin Protection Shorts last weekend. As I wanted to wear a very simple jersey dress, it was a great opportunity to wear them and review the product.

My initial thought was “very cool, black.” They brought me back in time to the ‘90s, when wearing spandex biker shorts was in style. In fact, I’m excited to say they’ve made a comeback! I very much like the design.

It’s modern, simple, and easy to wear underneath a dress or pants. I ordered a size Large, but found that the size ran about 2 sizes smaller. Next time, I’ll be sure to check the measurements before ordering to get a perfect fit.

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Things I loved about these Women’s Skin Protection Shorts:

  •  The design and cut is great
  • Higher back, tummy control, and thigh cuff length
  • Tight and snug fit just like my Spanx (which I love to wear)
  • Great underneath pants and dresses

After I put on the GlideWear Women’s Shorts and slipped on my summer dress, I experienced some minor challenges due to the anti-shear fabric and new physical adjustments. I quickly learned that these shorts feel different than typical pants or undergarments, and I learned that my body moves differently in them.

I am a low-level paraplegic and have full use of my hands and upper body mobility, but the first few times I wore the shorts, I needed to be extra aware of the way I moved and make adjustments to my posture and sitting position. I can see that it would be especially important to be aware that the shorts may cause a need for repositioning for those with a higher-level injury and who do not have the use or control of their upper extremities.

Things to be aware of:

  • Garment is slippery. Be aware that you will likely slide more easily across a surface – especially during transfers
  • These shorts are not meant to assist conducting a transfer, but rather will protect skin during transferring
  • Sizes run small
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My transfers from bed to chair and car to chair were challenging, due to the shorts’ dual layers and smooth material. I want to emphasize the need to pay attention to body movements, as it will move differently using GlideWear Women’s Shorts. I am also aware the material of my dress may have added to the change in stability.

After more research into the product, I learned the shorts work by reducing the friction and shear, which cause pressure sores. If your clothing is what’s holding you in place in your chair, then your skin is experiencing that harmful friction. The GlideWear shorts reduce the friction and shear in at-risk areas around the ischial tuberosities (sit bones), coccyx/sacrum (tailbone), and trochanters (hip bones), but retain friction under the thighs to help maintain stability when sitting.

Overall, I am very happy and pleased with GlideWear Women’s Skin Protection Shorts. The product has style, is wearable underneath pants and dresses, and reduces the friction and shear that can cause pressure sores – something of paramount importance to those of us in wheelchairs.

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