Miraculous Paralysis Recovery Specialist Ken Bryant – Is He for Real?


Who is this Ken guy you ask and what the hell is a PRS? Well, Ken Bryant is a self-proclaimed Paralysis Recovery Specialist. That sounds fancy, doesn’t it? I think that’s the point. While it sounds fancy, it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s not a degree or actual certification; he’s referring to his healing touch…and he charges $250 AN HOUR out-of-pocket just to experience that healing touch. Yes, he claims it’s a gift from God, and he cannot explain how he does it. He is a self-proclaimed miracle worker.

Let me rewind this story first. About a year ago I read a post on an SCI group that inquired about this Ken Bryant guy and if anyone had success working with him. The post was less fascinating than the answers. Claims of fraud, religious people saying it was a gift from God, and others actually claiming success were just some of them. I was fascinated as the comments kept coming. I had to figure out who this guy was.

I contacted him and asked him if we could talk. After begging him to talk for nearly a month and trying to chase him down, I came to the conclusion he was not going to talk to me, and it was confirmed by him saying “I don’t really do interviews.” I was really disappointed because I wanted to give him the chance to tell you about what it is he does from the horse’s mouth. I guess you can’t expect to hear from the mouth when you’re talking to the ass.

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Upon further digging, according to his Linked-In, he is a “neurological rehab therapist” who received a bachelors of science in Adaptive Education and Social Services from Northern Illinois University. There was no mention of any other physical therapy school, and he stated he attended the NIU on his Facebook as well. I didn’t even know what “Adaptive Education” is so I looked it up on the university website to read about the degree.

That’s when it started getting interesting…there was no bachelors program, only a Masters. Maybe they offered a bachelors back then, but all I know is when I asked Ken to confirm his education he got defensive and instead inquired about mine. Even if they did offer that as a bachelor years ago, this is the program description:

The Master of Science in Education degree in adapted physical education is designed for physical education teachers to learn the skills needed to deliver individualized and inclusive programs for children and young adults with special needs. This program prepares you to teach, assess students and develop programs for individualized educational programs as well as overall program development related to adapted or special physical education.

The program is for teachers working with special needs kids! Not even adults! Please keep in mind this guy is offering physical therapy like services to adult spinal cord injury patients, which he clearly charges a pretty penny for.

I thought maybe his Linked-In was wrong and maybe he was a masters grad, so I got on Florida’s Department of Health page that allows you to search licenses for Mr. Ken. THERE HE WAS! I scrolled my eyes over to the type of license, and there it is, not a physical therapy license, but a massage license!

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In all of my research, I came across his YouTube, and it delivered pure gold. In a video titled, “Ken Bryant explains his program to reverse paralysis” he claims to “beat science.” The description of the video is, “Ken Bryant explains the difference between his program and other programs designed to find a cure for paralysis.

To date, this treatment has successfully worked on 693 people in a row.” Wait…693 PEOPLE IN A ROW?! I swear, I’m not making this up. I go on to watch other videos where he claims C 5/6 quadriplegics gain muscle movement, but they’re doing things I can do as a 15-year post complete injury. He’s making them believe that it’s his touch and not the fact its strength training or some other reasonable explanation.

Then there were the client interviews. One mom wanted her 15-year-old daughter to have every opportunity for recovery, but she was a public-school teacher who couldn’t afford the $250/hour payment, so the grandma paid for it.

She went for a week and got nothing more than a $2,500 bill. Then I was surprised; he doesn’t charge if you’re under 12 years old. Well, that’s good, but if they want to continue after 12 years old, they better pay. There were multiple accounts of people spending thousands of dollars chasing hope and receiving no recovery.

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One client made sure to tell me there was someone scheduled before and after them. Just do the math. Let’s say he has just four clients a week, on the low end he charges $2,500 per client per week and let’s say he takes seven weeks off a year… That’s $450,000 a year!

I have talked to some of the people that have paid him, and they’ve expressed the hardship they went through to see him. People borrowed, begged, and hustled in hopes of a miracle. When I asked him if he felt bad for taking their money even when they did not recover, and he ignored me.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are actual Ken Bryant supporters (granted they’re much harder to find). I spoke to a few people who still liked him after working with him, but in my experience, after asking questions, it was because he was charming and made them feel good, not that he had healed them in any way.

They swore things like “I have better balance” and not that they had an actual recovery. I also found one woman who swore up and down a year ago he was a miracle worker for her loved one, but after reaching out to her to get some feedback I received a different response than I expected with the start being, “Sure, I think it’s a scam.”

I’m not one to just write based on assumptions and my uneducated eye, so I got ahold of some well-known licensed therapists that work with spinal cord injuries, and they confirmed my suspicions. Due to the fact they are so well known I had to keep their information private for professional reasons.

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They went on to explain that without isolating the muscle use, you can compensate with other working muscles… which Ken claims is a miracle. One therapist flat out called him a fraud while another said he was committing highway robbery. Both had clients that had seen him previously, and they both had no recovery.

Then the biggest shocker, one of the mom’s mentioned he was blind; he had told her he could only see black shapes. He had a seeing eye dog, and his assistant helped him. I was floored. In all of his YouTube videos I’ve seen over the years, he seems to be able to see just fine. I started asking around. One guy who saw him this year said he definitely was not blind.

Another mom mentioned it seemed fishy because he claimed to be blind, but he would meet them outside and come open the door and pointed out the color on her son’s shorts on multiple occasions. I’m not saying he’s lying, but I’m just confused.

I haven’t been able to get a straight answer on his claims. Just so you can wonder as well, here are a few photos of him over the last year. In fact, that one of him driving the bumper cars was in July of 2017, the same time he told one of the moms that he was blind.

I was only able to find one situation where he had a seeing eye dog that he walked on a leash, but the rest of the photos he must have healed his eyes that day…

After speaking with multiple people who spent at least $2,500 (some spent more per week) for false promises I have made it my mission to warn people to educate themselves before seeing him. Many of his are past clients were told they would recover and have movement return, only to return home in the same condition they left.

I pressed Ken for answers, but he would not speak to me other than a few short answers. One of those questions was to explain his process, and he said, “The ability to restore muscle control is a gift from God.” Somebody call CNN, we have a miracle!

“if you or a loved one has been defrauded by Ken Bryant, you have legal options. You have the option of filing in small claims court. For more information click on the link.”

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