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Health Woman in wheelchair sits in dark room looking out door to outside courtyard


Moving into this new existence took time, plenty of patience, and LOTS of understanding, tears, anger, and sadness. Transitioning into a life of being differently- abled isn’t effortless; it takes time and labor to evolve in a comfortable pathway for all involved. But it does happen if, and only if, you allow it to.

Health Patty and her family (husband and two older sons)

The ROLLIN RN Tackles Depression: Its Effects on our Family Members

I could move my head, my arms worked, my fingers stirred, I could sense my legs when I physically palpated them but I was unable to move my toes ….nope, nothing. OK, so I may be a paraplegic. My mind-set then was, “There are worse things in life than not being able to walk.” It was at that exact moment I had to choose my reaction to my disability. I could see the hurt and the anger on my husband’s face. All of our future plans were now dissolving at that exact moment.