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The chronicles of my daily life as a disabled woman, modeling pictures, poetry, and a hefty dose of pure ridiculousness.

If you want to be captivated, shocked, amused, educated and pushed to your comfort levels, this blog is the place to land.  Beth Cox is no wall flower, and she doesn’t hold back…so this is not the place for the squeamish or those who may find themselves offended by talk of sexuality,no holds barred opinions, and poetry that is deeply intimate and often painfully beautiful and raw. This Pastor’s daughter from Arkansas, whom we did a feature on in previously on her dating escapades, does not shy away from topics that make many, well, uncomfortable. Be sure to follow not only her blog, but her Facebook page as well, as her snippets of humor and wisdom are better than most comedy show one-liners.

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Here is a sampling of her recent post on Paralysis: a Q & A for your enjoyment:

I have been procrastinating and procrastinating about writing in my blog, because I promised to do a paralysis Q & A, and all of the information I had to cover was completely overwhelming. This post is going to be pretty basic, dry, and factual. I will get back to more interesting posts later on. I would also suggest that you skim through this, as some of the information will be boring. Just hit the high points.

Deep breath…

*pushes glasses up nose*

Paralysis: What is it? (When something some may consider tragic happens to you, and you become a sex icon).

What are all the side effects? (Becoming so witty and attractive, that it’s difficult for others to be around you).
How much sensation and muscle movement do most paralyzed people have? (Usually enough to run you over if you park in a handicap spot & you’re not disabled).
Can paralyzed women have children? (Yes. And I can’t speak for other women, but I’m totally planning on doing it Duggar-style. 18 kids minimum).
How do you poop and pee? (We don’t. Like, ever. It’s great for road trips!)
Can you still have sex? (Nope! Paralysis sews your vagina up and removes your penis. We look just like Barbie & Ken dolls)
All of our bodies are this fit, too. All of the women have boobs exactly like this and wear stripper heels, like the ones pictured above. And every single man has the same tattoo. What a coincidence, right??!!
There. I think that covers it.
Alright, alright…I’ll TRY to be serious here. Try being the key word. I’ve been wanting to do a Q & A post about paralysis for a while now, because not only do I think people need to be educated-I’m completely shocked at the ignorance of most every doctor who doesn’t specialize in SCIs, I wanted to write this because I had NO clue what all it entailed before, either. I mean, how would anyone? I asked people for specific questions, and I got so many that I think I’m going to have to turn this into a series of posts. In this first one, I’m going to give all the general information about paralysis. I am not going to add any personal information about me, because every injury is different. What some people may struggle with, I may not & vice versa. In the next post, I will answer all of the questions  people asked me that pertain specifically to me and my personal experience with a spinal cord injury.
So, here we go….but first a few pics!

Beth goes on to provide one of the most extensive and well researched sources for commonly asked questions about paralysis I have seen anywhere.

Be sure to read it, and her follow up here:

This one on Depression is again as impressive as it is valuable.

Keep up the great work Beth, we will be reading!

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Deborah Davis

Deborah is a Speaker, Disability Inclusion Consultant, Entrepreneur, Writer and Business Owner of Wheelchair Lifestyle Enterprise Push Living Inc.

She was a Former Dancer, Accident Survivor (C 6-7 Spinal Cord Injury resulting in incomplete Quadriplegia 1985), College grad (BBA Finance 1991 U of Miami), with a background in Sales and Marketing and Non Profit Development and Management.

She is now embarked on new path creating a market for Disability Inclusive Stock Images with the creation of and publishing an online enterprise: The mission is to create Inclusion for people with disabilities through stock images for advertising, marketing and editorial uses, providing accessible properties for travel, swap or purchase, publishing an online magazine for improved health and well-being, providing information and opportunities for Accessible Travel, and operating an online store with products that improve lives.

She is most passionate about building a network of people with disabilities who are empowering, supporting and creating a more inclusive world. Personally, she is a mother of two beautiful, wise and exceptionally bright young women, and residing in South Florida.

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