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PUSHLiving Travel – Florida Travel Company Specializing in Wheelchair Access to the World…Goes to Portugal!

So if you are a family that wants to include a loved one who is mobility impaired, a group of friends, or a single, there will be up to 12 openings with wheelchair accessible rooms (six), transport to and from the airport in Lisbon and to all fully accessible activities. All durable medical equipment like shower chairs and benches to ramps and lifts will be provided per the specified needs of the traveler.

Design & Access Kelly in courtyard in Rothenburg, Germany in her "cobblestone chair" that her husband outfitted with big wheels and castors.

Living Abroad: An American Wheelchair User’s Perspective

“I am incredibly grateful to the thousands of American disability rights activists of the 60s, 70s, and 80s who protested, chained themselves to buses, camped out in government buildings for days and were willing to get arrested. I used to say I couldn’t imagine life without them, but now I can to an extent because I’ve lived abroad.”

Concierge Travel deborah sitting on a wheelchair in sweden with her daughter standing beside her

Disability Tour Operators Deliver #AccessibleTravel

While planning a vacation is an incredibly exciting yet complicated undertaking, traveling on wheels is exponentially more challenging. You must ensure that once you arrive, you’ll not only be able to use the bed, bathroom, and shower, but that you’ll also be able to enjoy your experience.

PUSHLiving Nambia 2 351x185 - The Greater Namibia Lodge Journey - 11 Days

The Greater Namibia Lodge Journey – 11 Days

This safari encompasses wonderful game-viewing opportunities combined with a special Namibian experience. A couple of nights are spent in Namibia’s popular Namib Naukluft Park and in Etosha National Park. One famous for the highest red dunes in the world and one for its unusual white Salt Pans which dominate the centre of the park.